Vaseline Neutrogena Aapri

There are only a handful of skin care products that I reach for when something is going wrong with my skin. I try to take care of my skin really well but sometimes it's hard to avoid the odd pimple! Plus, most of my skin woes come from make-up that I wear or a new product that my skin reacts to. 

Ever since being a teenager, I've had really sensitive skin. When I was 12, I had to visit the dermatologist about a severe case of perioral dermatitis around my nose that went around to my mouth. I remember going to school, trying to hide it under makeup that my sister helped me apply. My mum helped me try so many different things to fix my skin, weird home remedies, steroid creams - you name it! But, going to the dermatologist was the only fix. 

Getting into my twenties, I've learnt what products work for me and what ones don't. I've had lots of trouble with sensitive skin around my eyes. Sometimes, my skin flares up during spring time from allergies. Other times my eyes suffer from the different make up I wear. Sadly, the most recent product to do this is the NARS Sheer Glow foundation. It makes me really upset because, I honestly like it and it's so popular amongst beauty bloggers, I thought it was a sure thing!

So, I have to be really weary of the products I put on my face. If the lotion or face wash is heavily perfumed - big no no. If it stings right away - I have to take it off or else my skin burns and turns red. 

However, there have been some never fail skin products that I swear by.

I started using Neutrogena since high school. It's my never fail, simple and well priced face wash. I've tried heaps of different brands and have had strange reactions to some Nivea and Garnier products. Sometimes, Priceline have 3 for 2 specials and I can stock up on the face wash. I sometimes alternate between the Deep Clean and the Oil-Free Acne Wash, but lately I've been sticking with this one. I try and wash my face and neck twice - especially at night when I've worn make-up during the day. I think I read somewhere that the first wash takes your make-up off and the second wash actually cleans your face. 

I have been using vaseline for ages! Also ever since Tyra Banks went crazy over vaseline on her show, it has stuck with me as a never fail product. Like I mentioned above, my eyes get so bloody dry sometimes and it's usually because of new make up or some kind of beauty product. Before I go to bed, I cover my face in vaseline or just the really dry patches I have on my face (e.g. eyes, lips and around my nose). I have woken up so many times to a hydrated and healed face. It's amazing, cheap and doesn't irritate. ding ding ding!


Since growing up with two older sisters who were the best role models for a dedicated skin care routine and a Mum who made sure we were looking after ourselves all the time; there were always different products to try in our bathroom. This face scrub was one of them - since growing up and moving out, I've always had this scrub handy. It's a really coarse scrub which is what I love. I think there is nothing worse than buying a scrub and when you use it, it only has a tiny amount of exfoliating beads and it pretty much does nothing. This stuff is the real deal. Once you use it, your face feels so clean and soft. I also use it on the back of my arms, because I'm one of those people who have bumpy arms.  

I try and scrub my face once or twice a week - depending on how my skin is. I also try to exfoliate before I use a hydrating mask - so my skin can be looking it's best. 

I'm not a skin specialist - these are my personal opinions & products i perfer to use. 


Today I want to show you this new

vegan, natural liquid lipstick

I received from an online vegan store,

Tigs and Boo

. I've never really shown you guys lipsticks and beauty products on the blog like this before, but I think it's something I want to start doing. Fashion and beauty do go hand in hand! Plus, it's nice to see something new on my blog!

I'm usually a lipgloss, grab what I can find and go, type o' gal. But, when I was sent these

lipsticks from Tigs and Boo

, I got a bit excited. I've wanted to start wearing more lipsticks to look a bit more sophisticated. These lipsticks go on smooth, it's just like putting on a lipstick, then they dry a bit and look more like a lipgloss. I have pretty dry lips and I liked that these didn't dry out my lips like other lipsticks I have worn before.

If you liked this post, please leave a comment so I can do similar ones like this for you.


The first colour is called Baby Shimmer. This one is more subtle to the Candy Rose colour. It almost blends in with my natural lip colour, which is nice. Although, it gives my lips a bit more of a berry colour.


This next one is called Candy Rose. I really do like this colour, it's not too bright or dark. I think this colour is one of my favourites because of it being such a versatile colour. So, you can wear it at night time or during the day and it's not too loud which I like.


This next colour is called Honey Shimmer, it's really shimmery. The name does not lie. I think you can see the shimmer in the second image a little more. I do like this one, it's pretty fresh looking. I don't know how I'd go wearing this one on it's own. I did try mixing it with the other colours and it looked nice. 


Last but not least, Fire red. I was really excited about this colour because I wanted to use a red lipstick more often. I was a little disappointed in the orange tone this colour had when I put it on. It is nice though and I have worn this colour out at night! 


Below is an image of all the colours so you can compare them. I hope you liked this post!