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If you haven’t already heard of or seen Thinx, you’re either living under a rock, don’t menstruate or have been living under a rock… Thinx is a body positive brand who I actually believe care about social responsibility and the planet.

Seriously guys, these undies are a true game changer and here’s why.

Quick review: Understand your flow. Some months will be heavier than others so you’ve got to think ahead and perhaps use a pad or tampon for the first half of the day, then use your Thinx like normal. I first tried these on a heavy day and in hindsight, I probably should have not given them that big of a stress test. I started getting worried about them leaking through (they never did). However, on a lighter day these will go the whole mile. Thinx are comfortable and it’s not gross to clean them, promise. I jump into the shower and rinse them, then throw them in the wash and let them dry for the next day. If you’re thinking about getting a some; I think three is a good number to invest in. It’s so that you can use them throughout your period and not worry about them drying in time for the next day etc.

Saves you money
In the long run, you won’t be using as many pads and tampons as you usually would. I don’t think I need to explain this further.

Saves the environment
Whilst also saving money, you’ll be doing the earth a favour and not purchasing all that single use plastic.

Free shipping to Australia (until Dec 17th, 2018)
Need I say more?

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