Glassons Red Wrap Dress2.png
Glassons Red Wrap Dress10.png

I know we're all freezing our butts off in Melbourne, but some lucky people are enjoying the fruits of summer rn. Obviously, these pictures were shot when we saw the sun more often, but my laziness in posting this can mean one of two things; that my strategic aim was to remind you that warmer days will come soon, or that wrap dresses will still be around next season. My laziness can also mean both, or neither. 

I bought this dress last summer to feel like this emoji lady (💃) and it worked. I mean, how could it not work? Lucky for you, I noticed Glassons is still stocking this wrap dress and you too can feel like a cha-cha gal, in a rainbow of colours. You may also see my insta post in this dresses feed - just sayin.

Glassons Red Wrap Dress7bw.png
Glassons Red Wrap Dress3.png
Glassons Red Wrap Dress5.png