Top 5 Beauty Products

Alpha A Liquid Gold
Like most people, you shouldn't really believe everything you read on the internet. But, with so many glowing reviews for Liquid Gold; I needed to know what the fuss was about. This is my second bottle and I even gifted it to my mum for Christmas, that should say enough. The toner makes my skin feel firmer and more even, I also noticed less breakouts. Apparently, the formula acts like an exfoliator, moisturiser and toner; talk about being there for everything. The results I noticed weren't just on me, Adrian uses it and his skin is looking more even and his pores even appear smaller.

Estee Lauder Global Anti Ageing Cream
I'm not one to fuss over creams that are specifically for eye wrinkles etc. So, when I saw this global anti ageing creme from Estee Lauder, I was pretty stoked. I only really use this cream before bed because it's pretty thick. When I wake up in the morning (used in conjunction with Advanced Night Repair), my skin usually looks awake and bouncy. The only draw back is how thick the cream is so it can make you feel a little oily, IMO

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
This serum has done its rounds on all influencers Instagram feeds, and for good reason. I started using this in late 2016 and have woken up in the morning with generally nicer looking skin. When I have a good skin day, this usually means less make up and ultimately leads to make-up free days - YAS! Also, I tend to get compliments on my skin after using this for a good string of days. 

Soley Healing Balm
Not only a blessing for cracked lips, but for all types of skin issues like burns, cuts, puffy eyes and so on. I was on the aeroplane to Iceland when I read about this healing balm. I was lucky enough to receive this, along with a few other Soley products for my birthday too. I'm 100% convinced this is a miracle cream because, of a horrendous second degree burn I got on my hand while overseas. Once the wound began healing, I used this to help my chances of reducing scarring and I think it helped. People who saw my wound were shocked and doctors told me it would scar. But, Soely had my back and healed my skin to near normal.

Nars Sheer Glow (Deauville)
So, it's not skin care but it does go on your skin. Plus, when you're having a shitty skin day this can help you out. It's light enough to not make you feel like you're wearing make-up but you can put extra on if you need to. I've been used to foundations rubbing off before the end of the day, so I was surprised when I came home after work and still looked okay! This also last for ages, I think a bottle can sometimes last me nearly a year; I'm not even kidding. (I don't wear make-up everyday and sometimes I use very little).