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It's no surprise that French Girl Organics is getting its time in the spotlight and taking up room in our medicine cabinets. The simplicity of French Girl Organics is what drew me to this brand at first; then the subtle luxury is what got me over the line. 

I think, like most products these days, I discovered French Girl Organics through Instagram. Its beautiful branding, quality product and organic ingredients are all things that most people tend to look for and value. On my recent trip to Mecca, I decided to #treatyoself and picked up the Lumière Body Oil and Rose Lip Polish, both cult staples. 

Lumière Body Oil
Not only is the smell subtle and delicate, it's stunning to wear. When I tried this out, I received compliments at work for my glowing skin. I used the tiniest drop with my foundation to give myself some extra glow. Oh, and did I mention that this bottle should last you ages?

Rose Lip Polish
Now now, this isn't dessert, but it can definitely pass as one. This. Stuff. Tastes. Amazing. In all seriousness, this scrub leaves my lips feeling fresh, moisturised and kissable. I have the smallest lips for a 29 year-old so, I think this will last my quiet some time too. 

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