My Story

Where should i start?

ASL? That seems like the perfect place to start.

I'm a Melbourne gal who works at a museum. I'm a dog person, who'll pick tea over coffee, baths over showers, Pinterest over magazines and a lover of potato chips. I'm a feminist and believe that every human on this earth should be treated equally, regardless of gender. Oh, and I'm an identical twin!


the devils in the details


Like most people on this earth, I still remember a time without the internet and I also remember when it began. The noises the modem made connecting to the world wide web and TAH-DAH! You're online.  

My first memory of using the internet was, believe it or not, browsing for pen pals. Writing to people and getting to know them was just as exciting as waiting for the mail. Connecting with people is what mostly did online; whether it was talking to friends on MSN or joining online communities like Myspace (anyone remember me?). I still use the internet to do the same thing; connect with people. I loved creating things when I was young; from printing magazines made in MS Publisher or making paper shoes with stacked heels fashioned from folded paper.

Thats why, I suppose that creating a blog was inevitable. I find writing, taking photos, editing and putting together content makes me feel creative.

Fashion has been something that I've always enjoyed. From perusing local opp-shops, watching films that inspired certain outfits or going to the newsagency and buying Teen Vogue and sharing it with my twin sister. Naturally, style seems to evolve and move into places like beauty. Over-time, I've seen my blog naturally move into those realms. 

So far, I've worked with brands like ASOS, Free People, Schwarzkopf, Boohoo and Revolve. If you'd like to ask me any questions, just drop me a line.