Sunday, June 19, 2016

Petite Engagement Ring by Grace Lee

Hands holding flowers with engagement ring

I said 'yes!' Well, after many omg's and no's, I said yes.

It's been a week since Adrian proposed to me after a hike up a mountain. I thought I should share the lovely news with you guys! I wasn't expecting it at all, honestly.  
In the morning, I knew we were going hiking. So, I threw on my leggings, a cosy sweater and my sneakers and jumped in the car. I was actually having a pretty lousy morning, my nose was really itchy and I was cold, etc. 

Adrian and I parked the car and were going to bail on the hike but, figured that we were there and we should make the most of it. We had just reached the summit and I was eating chips and soaking up the view, completely oblivious to Adrian panicking and shoving the box in his pocket. 
Adrian got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife. I couldn't believe it, I said many 'oh my gods', and 'no's' in shock. After realising it wasn't a joke and he was being serious, Adrian put this lovely ring on my finger. 

Walking down the mountain I felt like we were leaving our selves behind. I can't be happier with how my long weekend went and that I now get to call Adrian my fiancé. 

When I saw my ring, I knew it was the one I had told Adrian about years ago. The ring is made by the talented Grace Lee whom I found on Pinterest many moons ago. Her jewellery is so delicate, fine and beautiful and I feel so lucky to be wearing this ring on my finger.

The Grampians from Mount Abrupt

Petite Engagement Ring by Grace Lee holding flowers

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  1. I absolutely love your ring. Its so rare to see one like this these days! So delicate and feminine. Fantastic photos too. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks so much Melanie, I know what you mean. It's hard to find a ring that doesn't dominate your finger! I am so in love with it too. xx

  2. Congratulations Olivia! Your ring is so pretty :) I'd love a ring like this.
    I think your style would also suit a unique Olivia name necklace
    Keep up the great posts!

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