Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mother's Day is coming up very soon and what better way to thank your Mama by giving her a nice gift! It's the thought that counts most of the time, so why not look for something that she can relax in like comfy lounge wearnew make-up or something tech to jazz up her phone

Mum's have taken care of us from day one, that's why we need to show them the love.
But, it doesn't always have to be with cute gifts. I know my Mum would love a breakfast in bed, being taken to the shops or a gals trip to a nice cafe. Although, I'm sure she'll love feeling spoiled if you do get a gift! (You could always try making her a little something, somethin'!) 

In this post, I've done the thinking for you; some cute gifts at cute prices! 

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