Tuesday, January 26, 2016

2016 Kikki K

Okay, so things might get a little personal on the blog now and since it's my first post in 2016, I figured I may as well go for it. I hope you don't mind. Plus, January was just a trial month!

I've never really done this on my blog before, share my desires and all that crap. But, it seems like a good idea right now, so I'm going with it. 


1. Cosmetic: I want to go see a laser therapist and zap a few things off/away. I have small red dots on my face, chest and back. It's been on my mind for years and I feel like it's time to just nip it in the butt. Also, I've also aways wondered about lip injections; it feels like I'm bearing all here. I've only talked about this with close friends and complained about my lips to Adrian. Before you get all judgey (I hope you don't), I've had the same size lips since I was like 12, seriously. I'm always so self conscious about them/lack of them that I feel pretty lousy about it sometimes. Three things that are holding me back from doing it are: Firstly, I'm an identical twin, and I don't want to look different from rgum. I feel that being a twin is something pretty unique and special and I don't want us to look different. Secondly, will having larger lips actually suit me? I mean, I've gone 27 years never having anything! Lastly, I watched this video of girls getting lip injections for the first time and they didn't seem so thrilled by it, plus it looked painful.

2. Fitness: I know, I know, this is pretty cliche. When I was younger - 18/19 years old. I started running and I actually enjoyed it. I want to get back to that but, its so hard because the couch is so comfy. Also, I really need to do Yoga. Ballet is great but, it doesn't give me that deep stretching that I love and need for my back. 

3. House: I don't really know where this falls into, but I want to house of my own. I love the place that I'm living in at the moment and I would totally buy it (and I've considered to call the agent and talk to them about that). I think this year, I really want to get serious about buying a small apartment or home for Adrian and I. Who knows, I might start blogging about home reno! 


1. Blog: I have a love/hate relationship with this thing. I love it because, I get to post whatever the heck I want, talk about whatever the heck I want and be myself. I hate it because, I get pangs of guilt when I'm not posting on Instagram or doing up a blog post. I want to see my blog chugging away and be organised enough to not get those bloody pangs. 

2. Work: I honestly, just want to be happy in whatever job I have. Regardless, if it's in my customer service side of things or the communications side. I've read my star sign a few times for 2016 and it talks about aligning my work and personal beliefs together. Maybe I should just blog about being a feminist, fashion, style, creative person. That might fulfil that part of me?

3. Rebrand: This blog needs an overhaul. I need something fresh, I want to fall back in love with my blog. I've wanted to reenergise my blog myself but, I think I need professional help. Maybe a blog developer could help me realise this dream - Are you a blog developer, can you help me?
I guess that's all. Maybe I want too much for myself this year and maybe I'm asking too much from myself. But, I'm gunna give it a whirl and see how I go. 

What are your dreams for this year, or maybe not this year, but somewhere down the road? 

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