Tuesday, December 8, 2015

All black erry-thang, sometimes its the way to go.
Maybe it's the Melbourne in me, but there is nothing better than wearing all black sometimes.

I got this black fringe dress from I've always had a thing for western style things; just look through my older posts and you'll notice. I love a bit of fringe and some ankle boot action.
I was thinking of what I could wear to a music festival when I got this dress. I wanted a style that was easy and simple, something that anyone could emulate.
The one thing I wish this dress had was pockets - it just could have topped it off!

I got these Truffle Collection ankle boots from ASOS a few weeks ago and I haven't taken them off! Well, I have but you know what I mean!
Last time I bought shoes from ASOS they weren't comfy and cut my heels and I ended up throwing them out. But, these are the opposite - I highly recommend them.

Plus, I don't want to forget my Oroton double clutch bag. Another one of my ultimate favourite purchases.

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