Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I read Olivia Lopez's blog Lust for Life a while back and she wrote a post about listening to sad music to just wallow and I honestly thought I was the only one. 

Most of these Fill the Silence playlists have sad songs. I get into my sad song spiral when I start listening to Daughter and then Bright Eyes. When Adrian comes home and Bright Eyes is playing, he'll see me sitting in the dark, maybe crying, or just listening. 

It's these quiet, reflective moments (that you might think are strange) when I come out feeling refreshed and re-energised (sometimes). 

I hope these songs do the same for you. 

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  1. Sometimes we need to chuck on a quiet mellow playlist to relax, and yep, have a good old cry! I have a little playlist of soothing mellow songs like this for those moods, it's lovely to just lay back and listen to although I do admit to multitasking as I listen sometimes!

    Away From The Blue Blog