Monday, September 14, 2015

There's a funny story about this playsuit from Spell Designs. Since seeing it online at the beginning of the year, I was meaning to purchase it. But, it's me and I didn't for about 4 months! I finally gave into temptation and purchased it (along with some really cute intimates). 
Two days later, it went on sale! Just my luck!

Regardless, I was so excited when it arrived in the mail! But, the weather wasn't quite right to start wearing it during May. 

Alas, the weekend was amazing and we had a beautiful and breezy 26 degrees! Perfect for a carefree playsuit

I teamed this playsuit up with my Marcs bag and my lazy/reliable birks. I don't know what I'd wear if I didn't have a pair of brikenstocks; they have been my go-to sandal for over a year now. I think this outfit would also look really nice with some cowboy boots and a fringe bag

So excited that Melbourne's warming up and we can start wearing something different! Time for me to start looking at more Spell Designs and get ready for summer! (All I need is a tan) woo!

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