Sunday, August 30, 2015

I found this place completely by accident and I'm going back to shoot more outfits here. The place I'm talking about is the St. Kilda conservatory and it's absolutely beautiful.

I had just picked Adrian up and needed to park somewhere so he could shoot this outfit. We walked into the St. Kilda botanical gardens on a whim, thinking it might have some pretty spots. That's when I saw this stunning conservatory. There was something magical about this place as soon as we set foot in there. 

It's filled with beautiful unfurling ferns, tiny little plants that cover the ground and windy wooden paths that lead to tranquil seating areas. It was so calm and quiet in this lush area I didn't want to leave. 
I have a plan to come back to this spot, armed with a flowing midi skirt, knotted shirt, hat and tan sandals (or something similar, plus or minus a picnic). 

A few weeks ago I started ballet, so my latest purchase is actually this leotard I bought from a dance store. I really love the low back and figured it would look great outside the studio with a pair of jeans. I teamed it up with my favourite Oroton clutch bag and some cut out boots that Rgum left me before she went over to Denmark. (#twinperks) haha

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  1. Love your outfit & I can definitely picture you as a ballerina! This place does look really pretty, I might have to visit there one day.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Adrian is a great photographer, I'll let him know you liked the images! xx

  3. Appreciate for sharing such a great blog.

  4. That’s cool! I didn’t know this brand before!
    Alice Cerea,

    1. I'm happy that I got to show you a new brand! Thanks for stopping by! xx

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