Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I'm sick of all the clutter in my life - it's annoying and makes me feel messy. So, I've started to do something about it. 

First it's the bedroom. I went through all my clothes and donated so many bags of clothes, shoes and stuff I was 'holding on to'.  I think I've mentioned cleaning out my wardrobe SO many times on my blog, but I haven't been so brutal about it, ever. It felt so good to donate the items and not have them sitting in my cupboards for the off chance I might wear them again, or keeping them in a bag to sell one day.  

I sold a clothes rack on Gumtree and gave away a chest of drawers. I'm returning some other drawers to the family home and I should have a pretty minimal room. My plan is to sell the bed frame, bed head and rug and just have a super simple room.

To inspire you to clean out and minimise your bedroom, I've selected some inspirational images from Pinterest

// Just do it! //

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