Friday, June 5, 2015

I love candles, especially lighting them after you've cleaned the house, about to take a relaxing hot bath or setting up a zen space for yoga. I feel so much more relaxed once a candle is burning. I was sent these two scented candles and I thought I'd show you three ways you can style candles in your home. 
However, there is something special you need to know about these Airwick candles, they change colour when you light them! I was busy taking some photos of these for my Instagram and wanted to light one for the photo and I got the best surprise. I had totally forgot about them being multicolour that it made it so much more exciting to blog about! 

A great place to show off your candles is on your coffee table or pouf. Styling your candle with some soft furnishings like pillows, throws and books can add some nice colour to your lounge and cosy it up. Just don't light the candle near any soft furnishings!

Your side table is a great area to display some cute things you've collected over the years and also to display your decorative candles. I try to change things around in my house every now and then, because I sometimes get sick of seeing the same things.What I've done is grabbed a bunch of my magazines and used them to prop up this marble tray that the candles are sitting in. Then I've added in some beautiful roses that add some colour and height to my side table. Viola! A nicely styled side table! 

Doing your work doesn't mean you can't have some zen vibes going on. Lighting a candle can help keep your stress levels down. Okay, I made that up! But when I was writing my thesis, I was lighting candles in the house because that's what I thought. 
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