Friday, March 27, 2015

Contacting bloggers for this interview is always a bit nerve racking. IRL I'm a pretty shy or even a quiet person. It depends on my mood, but usually when it comes to just striking up conversations, I tend to feel awkward. I sometimes feel this way when I find someone I want to interview on Fox and Mint, it takes me a while to work up my courage. This was how I felt in the lead up to asking Corina for an interview (even though we've talked before, she's designed my logo, I've blogged about her before and she's my Facebook friend!)

Corina is such a creative soul, she is unique and sees the world in a beautiful way! Once you follow her on insta or pinterest, your feeds will include that mimialistic design that Corina does so well.

I hope you guys enjoy the interview and if you know of anyone who is keen on an interview, lemme know in the comments below - even if it's you as a blogger! I'd love that!

Who takes the amazing photos on your blog?
Thank you for calling them amazing, I’m truly flattered! My husband usually photographs me, and i take all the rest ones.

What made you want to start your blog?
I was going through a period, where I was in need of inspiration, creativity and motivation. Blogging was something that everyone did at that point, and seemed like a great idea to have a mini project to work on everyday and keep myself busy in a creative way.

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?
I’d say that pretty much from everywhere. All shapes, colours, smells, noises around us can create great ideas. The best ideas though come to me when I’m mostly involved and creating non stop. It’s like creativity flows all over and I can’t stop. The more involved you are in a creative way, the more creative you become.

When did you start blogging?
It was around 3-4 years ago that I had just gone through a difficult surgery that had me left home, without being able to work on pretty much anything else. So staying home, I had all the time in the world to do something that mattered.

How do you manage life/work/blog/study?
It’s definitely not an easy ride. Freelancing, keeping up with the blog and the social media it’s all a package that you have to always be consistent and creative. The perfect balancing trick though, is to be super organised and plan an achievable daily schedule.

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    1. Thanks Alice! I hope you have a nice weekend too! xx

  2. LOVE YOUR STYLE as much as the inspirational quotes! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a wonderful weekend! xo
    ♥ http://www.thekawaiiplanet.com

    1. Oh! Thanks so much Suzy! That's so nice! I'm glad you like the inspirational quote! Hope you have a great weekend too!

  3. I love this! It's great when bloggers get interviewed so you can understand a little more about their perspectives and beginnings - what a great idea :-) x


    1. Oh! Thanks Ivana! I really appreciate that! I'm glad you like reading blogger interviews. :-) xx

  4. I really love her blog- I'm always so blown away by her designs and projects. She really knows how to give a strong voice to a minimal design- she's amazing at that. And I loved reading her answers. I especially liked how she pointed out that you become more creative as you practice your craft. It's like once the creativity starts flowing there's no stopping it. That definitely motivates me to not indulge in my lazy "im not gonna work today" days haha!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. I do too - she's great! When I read that answer too, it inspired me. I'm so happy it did the same for you. Thanks for stopping by lovely! :-) xoxox

  5. I love this interview! I understand why you would be scared and shy in the beginning but you did an amazing job on this interview! I loved reading it and I am going to check Corinas blog right now!


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  7. I loved reading your thoughts. Definitely a fan of keeping an acheivable daily schedule because when you successfully complete it, it's so rewarding!



  8. That's cool!

    Alice Cerea,
    Join this new blogger network, I'm waiting for you!

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