Monday, December 8, 2014

TA-DAH! I've been wanting to make these for such a long time. I was put off by thinking they were really difficult. They're not difficult to make at all! It was so easy and a bit addictive. I found some nice ones on Apartment Therapy and they had links to a few DIY's. I used Hello There Home's tutorial and Minieco knot for my inspiration.

- 6mm thick rope (bunnings)
- Snap hook (or similar) (bunnings)
- Coloured Embroidery string (lincraft)
- Scissors
- Measuring tape


1. Firstly, you'll need to cut the rope into 4, 2.5 meter pieces. Then thread it through the snap hook (or whatever you choose to use).

2. Make sure every piece of rope is even on either end. You will have 8 pieces of rope hanging now.

3. It's time to get creative! Use the embroidery string to wrap the first couple inches of the ropes. I used mint and a peach colour for this one.

4. Measure down 60 cm (24 inches) and this is where you'll get two bits of rope and knot them together. I hope the image below makes sense on how I tied my knots. Just follow the top two ropes around. You'll get it! If you mess up, just untie it! That's the beauty of this DIY!

5. I've knotted each bit of rope and now it's time to make the second knots. Do these knots 7 cm (3 inches) down from the first knots. Take the adjacent bits of rope and tie your knot.
It's much easier doing all the knots if you have the ropes hanging.  

6. The second knots have been tied and now it's time to grab the bottom strands and use the embroidery string to secure the bottom dangly bits.

Then you need to find a great place to show off your new macrame plant hanger! I liked having mine inside and on the balcony. It would also look pretty in the bathroom, especially if you have a plant that hangs off the side of its pot! 

These are also a great gift idea, so if you have some time, nothing beats something hand made and customised for the person you love! 

PS: Sorry about some of the images, I took them on my phone! 

-Olivia. xx