Friday, November 7, 2014

I remember the first time I traveled alone to Sweden, I had just finished my first 9 hour leg. I was at the airport and I had to re-check into my next flight, yadda yadda yadda. I was pretty frazzled and I stupidly stuffed my comfort clothes into my checked luggage without realising I had done so when I was on the plane. I had to wear my highwaisted skinny jeans and t-shirt for the next 13 hours to Finland. I have never made this mistake again on long haul flights and neither will you!

After traveling quite a bit this year, I feel like I can share some advice with you when it comes to what items I find handy having on the plane and in arms reach.
In the lead up to my flight, I start separating my make-up. I hardly use what I have and I know that if I was to pack it the morning before I fly out I would justify taking all my cosmetics.
What I do is get a smaller makeup bag and whatever I use during my normal makeup routines I put in the new bag, so I know exactly the items I've been using and then before my flight, I'll add the extras like a red lipstick or that rosy cheek stain.

When I'm on the plane, I start organising my space. I'm a neat/clean freak so I like to know where everything is, so I can enjoy the flight. In my seat, I always have some moisturising face wipes, lip gloss, hand cream, rose hip oil, collagen eye mask and my own concoction of lavender face mist (Lavender essential oil with some water in a small aeroplane size, spray bottle.) This is perfect for quickly rehydrating your skin plus, it's relaxing! I also keep snacks near by... what!?

My hand luggage will usually include things like my laptop, hairbrush, large scarf in case I get chilly, clean underwear, comfort clothes, makeup, a tooth brush, face wash and moisturiser and snacks (as if you don't do it!)
Leave items that you don't need to reach often in your hand luggage.

Now that you have the flight out of the way, you need to manage how you'll be traveling around and exploring those amazing places! If you're familar with AirBnB, there is a similar thing out there that can help with renting out cars called Turo! You can organise an airport car rental through them! Now you can find hidden gems and not have to worry too much about public transport! How easy!

I hope these tips for flying have helped and that you're more prepared for that big trip!

-Olivia. xx

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