Wednesday, September 10, 2014

In Valencia, we stayed at this great place we found on AirBnB, it was a perfect location and the people were super friendly!
After the organised the bikes we went to ride down towards the beach. We rode into the park and followed that the whole way. We then went riding along the port and eventually onto the promenade. After seeing the beach we headed back home and went to get ready for dinner. We had dinner at this cute burger place called Onion Burger Studio. The food was delicious although, the only thing we found was that the fries were really salty!

On the first day Adrian and I went on the hunt to find some cheap bike hire. We came across this great bike shop called Valencia Luxury Bikes and my bike was only 11EURO for 24 hours! 
We rode around everywhere and it was perfect; Valencia is such a bike friendly place. 

We only really had two days in Valencia and we spent them riding our bikes through the parks and small, narrow streets. Gazing up every now and then to capture the beautiful buildings that surrounded us. 

The next day, we jumped on the bikes again and went around the town to see some sights. We tried our first Horchata at Daniels inside the Market.  We rode down toward the Torres de Serranos and heaps of other places.  Adrian and I decided to have a casual day riding through the town centre which was great, because when we got lost in the small streets we found a great bar to park our bikes at and enjoy a cool beverage. 

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-Olivia. xx


  1. Amazing city!

    1. Yes! It's so beautiful there. I really enjoyed my time there.
      Thanks for the comment! :) xx