Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Our first stop on this European holiday is Spain and if you've been following my instagram you would have noticed that we're no longer in Barcelona, but traveling around. We decided to make a holiday out of a very special occasion for my family; my twin sister is getting married over the weekend! I will do a very special post about that in due time. ;-)

I thought I'd share some happy snaps from our first day in Barcelona. We managed to do and see more than I thought we would. 
We stayed at this amazing place from Air BnB (the first couple photos), which was about a 15 minute walk to La Ramblas and then a bit further away from the park/zoo. Although, it gave us the chance to see more of Barcelona. 

After wandering around the market of La Ramblas and getting lost in the small side streets, we found this great cocktail and tapas bar called Ocana. I ordered a passionfruit mojito and I don't think anything else will beat this drink... ever. 

Anyway! Thought I'd share these with you and I'll post something a bit more substantial soon!


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