Tuesday, August 5, 2014


After leaving Leeds, Adrian and I landed in Dusseldorf, Germany. I have some family in Germany, but most are still living in Poland. This leg of our journey was now to visit my side of the family. Adrian and I visited my Grandma, two aunties and uncles. We've been to Germany before in 2010 when I was studying in Sweden, so it was great to see everyone a few years later. 

Although, we faced the inevitable challenge of driving on the opposite side of the road with our hire car, it was actually pretty easy. I got to drive on the autobahn (yes, I went fast and it was crazy, my top speed was 165 km/ph!). When Adrian first drove on the autobahn, I had the song Big Truck by Coal Chamber ready to play on the iPod, it's pretty funny if you know the song. The song kind of makes you feel like you own the road! But, whenever I thought we'd be getting into the fast lane, we couldn't, so the song was constantly being passed or started again. I think we listened to that Coal Chamber album wayyy too much in the car.

Germany was a whirlwind of seeing my family. So, we really didn't have much time to explore more of Dusseldorf or Koln. We managed to see the town where my Grandma lives and have ice-cream together. Even though I've been there so many times, I never really left her house to see where she lives. It was really nice to see my Grandma's local dentist and all those other mundane things that you never really get to see when you live so far away from your family. 

The image below if of an amazing magnolia tree in my Grandma's town centre. I was in awe of how beautiful it looked when we walked by it. The image doesn't really give it justice. Now, whenever I see a magnolia growing somewhere at home, I always think back to this really special moment with my Grandma.

Even though Adrian and I saw so much family, we managed to squeeze in a quick visit to Koln. We decided to visit the Ludwig Museum before going back to my Grandma's place to have dinner. The Ludwig museum was okay, it had great reviews online and we really thought it would be amazing. The security guards made our visit awkward, following us through the galleries and watching us (as if we'd do something wrong!) We ended up being cheeky and walking briskly to get them off our tails. 
When in Koln, you can't help but photograph The Kolner Dom. It's awe-inspiring and beautiful. We already made the trek up to the top during our previous visit so, we didn't this time, but if you're ever in Koln and have time to go up The Kolner Dom, I recommend it! 

On the last day in Germany, when we were driving home from Grandma's house, we decided to go through all the small towns instead of the autobahn. We came by this amazing field and had to take some photos, the light was amazing and the grass was so green. The next day we woke up early and went to catch a flight to Gdansk to see more family!

-Olivia. xx


  1. Beautiful photos Olivia. I had a similar experience with a security guard in London. Lucky the Art Gallery we were in was free because after that we didn't feel comfortable strolling around & left.

    Melanie | Melaniface

    1. Thanks Melanie!! I don't know why they would do that at a museum, it was so uncomfortable! Thanks for checking out my post! <3 xx

  2. Great photos, it looks like you had an incredible time!