Tuesday, July 15, 2014


In March this year I had an exciting opportunity to head over to England and Europe (that I'll share with you all soon). I went was to celebrate Adrian's grandma's 90th birthday. I traveled with Adrian's family and funnily enough, this was the first time I've gone overseas with someone since I was little; I went to South Korea and to go live/study in Sweden alone. So, it was a nice contrast to travel with such a huge group and not look like a cried out lobster boarding the flight. The flights were okay, I wasn't flying in style so when I got off the plane, I more or less resembled a person who'd been dehydrated for over 24 hours and watched too many in-flight movies. 

Adrian's parents first came to live in Australia in 1978, because his dad was offered work here in Melbourne. Lots of people from Australia have family that have left their home countries for some reason or another, my family too. A common question to ask someone is to ask where they're from, even if you might know that the person was born in Australia; everyone has come from somewhere in Australia, unless their family has an indigenous ancestry. I think that's what makes Australia a pretty fantastic place, it's a giant melting pot made up of about 200 years of migration history. 

We spent 10 days in the north of England, in the Yorkshire Dales. I've only been there once before in 2010 when I lived in Sweden and Adrian came to visit me. We didn't have a lot of time then, so the 10 days in England was really special, especially for Adrian and his family. Leaving Melbourne was hard because, I knew we'd be leaving behind the nice weather for the beginning of Spring in Europe. Although, I was pleasantly surprised when we arrived during England's heat wave... of 17 degrees celsius. One of the front pages contained images of people jumping off piers into the ocean, crazy! Our heat waves consist of temperatures soaring above 40 degrees celsius, so this heat wave seemed pretty strange to me.

We visited the Hepworth Wakefield galley which was Adrian's mums idea - I really loved it there. You can see Barbra Hepworths art work here too. I saw Albert Wainwright's water colour creations and I bought a print to hang up at home. There was also a showing of Philip-Lorca diCorcia photography which was really amazing, I'm kind of regretting not buying the book that I saw in their gift shop! I also went to the Salts Mill and had lunch at the diner. You could spend a day just looking around there too! 
We also visited Skipton castle, it was near where we were staying and it reminded Adrian's brother of Game of Thrones that we hadn't really watched at the time. Looking back at the photos I can see why. 
We drove around the dales to Bolton Abbey and pit stopped at a ice-cream farm - delicious idea! On the last day in Yorkshire, we were taken to Malham. It was such an amazing place to visit, so beautiful and really english. I learnt how to knit from Adrian's grandma and his mum in the pub we had a drink at. Although, I think I may have forgotten. Sorry Sue

If you're keen on visiting any of these places, I really recommend them.  
You can see more images from my trip using the hashtag #foxandminttravels on Instagram

-Olivia. xx

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