Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Coat: Gina Tricot similar in grey here, and here and very similar here, here, here and here  |  Jumper: H&M similar on sale in red here, similar here (Adrians)  |  Jeans: Topshop similar here and here  |  Scarf: Miss Shop similar on sale here and here  |  Sneakers: Converse similar here


Here I am, in Gdansk, thinking about my parents (out of all people) and wondering if they walked the same streets, saw the same houses and felt the same awe when seeing how beautiful this city is. I've only been to Gdansk one other time, when I was six, and now, here I am, nineteen years later. I know I walked along this long street in Gdansk old town because, I heard stories about it. But, when you come back to places you hardly remembered, you realise how many memories come flooding back to you. Even if you were six at the time.
Seeing my aunties and grandpa after so long was amazing. Living in Australia with no extended family made me think, for a long time, that my family was small - who was I kidding! - I have so many cousins that I can hardly remember the names of.
My time in Gdansk was a whirlwind of excitement. Adrian and I booked a place in old town and we woke up to the sound of bells every morning, walked to the bakery and had a fresh doughnut (it was our ritual before doing anything), I could surprise the locals by speaking Polish and confusing them because I wore touristy backpack and camera around my neck.
Leaving was difficult, waving at my aunties car until I couldn't see her moving hand anymore and then feeling bittersweet. Bitter because the time came and went so quickly I was scared I wouldn't remember all the details I promised myself to remember. Sweet because I had just got to spend one of the most memorable times with my family and see all their happy faces.

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