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Please welcome Rachel Hahn, a representative from Study Now, who is going to share some well known bloggers and websites and all those in between. 
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In 2014, anyone who’s anyone has a blog, and that’s true in the fashion world as well. Fashion blogs are a great way to share your opinion on current and trending fashions, who’s hot on the runway and who’s not, while building up your own online audience and band of loyal followers. Most fashion designers have got blogs of their own, but we wanted to take a look at some of the less well-known bloggers and websites to see what they have to offer.

Fashion Wire Daily
This clean and journalistic style blog is dedicated to bringing you all the best news and fashion information from around the world. Posting regularly by its team of writers and photographers, you can expect to get around ten new articles to read, and five times as many photographs to drool over, every day. It’s a glossy-looking site with a good handle on the fashion world, giving you the best chance to keep up to date with all the latest designer and runway news you can handle.

Another glossy blog with a handle on the world of designer fashion, it also understands the basic needs of your average human being. On the one hand it shows off haute couture in all its unique glory, and on the other it showcases the best bags for carrying bicycle helmets when you plan to stop in the city. Pretty AND practical advice. And with plenty of photos to look at, style tips and a healthy jobs board for internships, this blog could be a great jumping off point for a new career into fashion.

Started by NYC based ex-fashion columnist Lesley Scott, FashionTribes is dedicated not only to changing styles in fashion, but also how they translate to different groups of people. The ‘tribes’ can be identified by urban street style and are often a reflection of their many life choices, including where they live, the music they listen to and even the food they prefer to eat. It’s a well written and popular blog and certainly stays up to date with changes in the fashion world.

The Sartorialist
Listed in the Times as one of the most influential blogs in the world of fashion, this popular blog by Scott Schuman features photographs of people going about their daily lives setting trends of their very own. It’s a great way to see people comfortably rocking their own style and for fashion designers in the making, it offers an insight into how high street fashions are altered and adapted by consumers to make them their own.

Vintage Style Files
If you’ve heard of vintage but wouldn’t know a piece unless it was dated by year, then this delightful blog offers all the advice you need. With style guides relating to different eras and images showing the writer wearing her latest finds, it gives a good grounding for bargain hunters on their way to the next thrift store or second hand sale. There are some excellent posts about designers from bygone eras, as well as tips on hunting down items for yourself.

There are so many blogs out there to choose from that we could only bring you a few with this post, but there’s always room for another voice in the world of fashion. So if you like what you see online but think you could do better, why not start your own blog and share your fashion tips with us?

Rachel Hahn is a representative of Study Now, Australia's biggest directory of online courses and distance education courses. Courses are available in a range of industries including fashion design courses. 

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