Thursday, January 16, 2014


There is no way that I'll be showing you pictures of my sweaty mug, unless the images are deliberately made to look like I'm beautifully sweaty and fit. But seriously, if you saw me, irl, you'd call me a tomato face... a sweaty tomato face.
On a similar note, I've been stalking some cooking blogs and I want to share their brilliance with you. See my transition; tomato...food... anyway!


Not Without Salt, is perfect, I love salt, I love this blog. It's a match made in culinary heaven. I've pinned so many recipes, hoping that when I cook them, the dishes will look just as amazing. Key word there is hoping

Martha Stewart, okay it's not a blog but, I love it and I don't care. I follow her on Facebook, get her emails and check her site when I'm not supposed to at work. It's one of my secret obsessions! Regardless, I find her recipes spot on and delicious. 

What's your favourite cooking blog? I'd love to check it out!

There is also one thing I'd like to find out: How do some girls walk in the heat without looking like they've been lobstering in a hot bath for 6 hours!?  Same as the girls that smell like perfume all day,  as soon as I go outside, the wind robs me of my beautiful scent. I want to smell good all day, without having to take so many bathroom breaks, that it seems suspicious. Can you please tell me your secret and if it's never crossed your mind, please feel for us, the people enduring such first world problems!


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