GUEST POST: Boho-chic is Back this Season!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Hey there!
So, I have a guest post from Mandy, from The Freedom State taking over my blog today! I hope you enjoy her post and pay a visit to The Freedom State site - it's full of great options! xx

Spring is the season of rebirth and new beginnings. Celebrate this wonderful occasion and metamorphosis by revamping your wardrobe and renewing yourself! Shed those cold weather layers, put the winter clothes to rest and let your inner flower child bloom. Many exciting things are happening on the fashion front as we move towards summer and it’s time for the bohemian state of mind to shine. Out with the old conventional styles and in with the vibrant new!
Eccentricity is all the rave and we are absolutely loving it. Combine bold prints and colours. Mix different textures and fabrics. Just because two statement pieces are individually extreme does not mean they cannot compliment each other. Create harmony between your tribal print skirt and patterned kimono and watch as they coexist on the canvas that is your body. Unite your velvet flares with a lace bracelet or a suede skirt with a studded leather belt. Experiment with your closet and break a few rules. Create your own genre this season. Whether it’s a boho rockstar or a gypsy cowgirl, you can be whatever you want to be.

Many spring collections are also focusing on romantic palettes. Colour schemes of white, cream, blush pink, and hues of yellow are very popular. Racks and shelves are filling with vintage florals, frilly cuffs, whimsical chemises, and airy kaftans. Femme fatale kimonos are the must-haves of the season and will never fail to make your outfit effortless, yet dramatic. Crochet tops, detailed camis, and off the shoulder blouses are in the spotlight this spring creating a dreamy and flirtatious atmosphere. You can be a resourceful fashionista and recycle a few things from your winter wardrobe while still remaining consistent with this amorous theme. If tactfully and tastefully done, that sheer slip skirt or lacy intimate can transition into a spring outwear wardrobe as an enchanting lightweight layer.

From runways to sidewalks, attention to detail is an outstanding trend this season. It’s all about embroidered tunics, rad band tanks, patterned flares, beaded bags, fringe, and tassels. Keep an eye out for unique designs, cool graphics and artful clothing. Every garment is a masterpiece and your wardrobe is your gallery. Take a look at The Freedom State’s latest range of boho clothing, fashion and accessories for some inspiration. The vogue of this season is individuality and free spiritedness, so let your hair down and express yourself! If you have natural curly hair, put your straightening iron away and embrace the wave! Soft waves, messy waves, and textured curls are trending this spring and you’ve got the perfect foundation to attain those flawless tresses.

The first order of business when dealing with curly locks is controlling and taming the wave/curl. Instead of doing the crazy, upside down, vertigo-inducing towel dry, try leaning to one side and scrunching the moisture out into the towel. Start at the top of your head and work your way down while alternating sides until the hair isn’t dripping and majority of the moisture is removed. This reduces the amount of friction and as a result will keep the curls from separating and minimize frizz. For more great tips and inspiration on your spring hairstyles, take a look at this hair salon website and blog.

Styling products are a great advantage, but it is important use the appropriate and correct ones in order to achieve the desired result. For messy waves sea salt spray and texture spray are your absolute best friends. They will give consistency and movement without subduing your natural wave. EVO Salty Dog and Mr. Fantastic come highly recommended in this category and will get you the beachy mermaid hair that every girl would die for. For smooth soft waves scrunch in a sculpting or curling balm. This has a temperate and secure hold that will control the waves in a gentle manner. Our favourites include EVO Ends Doc and Liquid Rollers. For those of you who have a mane of thick wild curls that requires a bit of strong-arming to tame, curl-defining cream will give you the extra hand you need. Moroccan Oil Curl Defining Cream and Intense Curling Cream will definitely do the trick.

It is difficult to keep a hairdo intact because curly hair has a natural tendency to frizz. Oftentimes when you look in the mirror halfway through the day you realize to your horror that your perfectly styled locks have deteriorated, but fear not! There is a quick and easy remedy to this. Keep a small bottle of shine serum in your purse and apply to your hair when necessary. If you find yourself in a pinch without this, simply dampen your and scrunch some good ole-fashioned H2O into your curls; they just need hydration.

Sun kissed skin and silky waves make the best pair for this bohemian inspired spring! Isn't it time you got inspired and gave your wardrobe and hairstyle a bit of a spring/summer makeover?

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