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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Top: H&M | Blazer: Zara similar here | Necklace: C/O Aacute | Sunglasses: C/O Rgum | Jeans: Topshop | Bag: 8seconds | Shoes: Converse 

I'm listening to Usher - 8701 at the moment, it reminds me of being in year 8, dancing in my room thinking about my latest crush and if he'll call the house and how I can catch the phone before my Dad answers it. 


The weather has been crazy in Melbourne with beautiful weather one day and the next it's hailing. I'm glad that I have a uniform to wear at the museum and the only decision I need to make is to wear pants or a skirt! 
On Friday night, I wore this outfit. I recently bought the new chucks, I kind of like them looking squeaky clean. I used to rub my new ones in the dirt to make them look like the ones the All American Rejects wore. 
I also got these Mom Jeans from Topshop although there are a few things you can't wear them with, for example: rolling down the jeans with runners and a white tucked in t-shirt. I may or have may not have worn this on a walk into work one Sunday morning, only realising how ridiculous I looked when the hill back to my apartment was too much of a chore to walk back up to change
Sometimes, I hope no one I know sees me looking like such a creep. I also remember that my eyes were watering and swelling from hay fever. So attractive. 

I think I'll listen to Usher's Confessions now. 

Also, thanks Rgum for leaving these sunglasses in my apartment...

Love you all!


  1. Love the outfit! :) I like my chucks dirty (that sounds a bit wring, haha), but I've got black ones so it doesn't really make a difference!

    Started following, feel to check out my blog ;)

    Mariana xx

  2. Now you have got that song stuck in my head (; This is such a great casual outfit, love it!

    Dearest Lou

  3. Just when I thought I said all I could say, my chick on the side says she's got one on the way. Love that song and it was the first thing I thought of when I read the title! Great to know you were actually listening to it haha

    Back to the outfit! I love the casual aspect of it and also the tomboy-ness! ;)