Blah - one of those moments.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Top: Mango  |  Jeans: Nobody  |  Shoes: Windsor Smith  |  Tote: Gorman  |  Jumper: Milli Lulo 

I don't know what's wrong with me and I feel like I'm totally out of touch with this blog too. 

Firstly, I've become the most accident prone person ever. I've fallen over and ripped a pair of jeans, jammed my finger in a door at work, had scary dentist visits, somehow developed an infected septum and to top it off - I've had the worst breakouts too. What's wrong with me?! I've come to a conclusion that it can be one of two things - or both. A: Someone has a Voodoo Doll and is secretly enjoying my misfortunes or B: I'm just really unlucky these past couple of weeks! 

Secondly, I have been working so much that I seriously have nothing to post. I've been wearing my museum uniform which consists of black and blue so much that it's even coming out in the clothes I choose to wear on my days off! 
I'm totally uninspired and creatively drained - oh and I need a new wardrobe! 

I hope you haven't forgotten about my blog - I'll try to post something more inspiring soon!
Love you all! xx


  1. Oh Wow. Sorry. We've got to get you out of blue and black on your DAYS OFF! I just clicked to follow your blog. Please come join me too. I smiled. My dad lived in Melbourne for a long time, as he was contracted for his job. Wish I had gotten to visit and leave this USA. Merrick

    1. haha Thank you Merrick! One day you'll come to Melbourne, it's a pretty nice place! I think America is pretty awesome to live in though!! xx

  2. I'm sorry to hear that! I can relate with the clumsiness. If you've read twilight, - i'm the perfect Bella!
    And about the inspiration don't worry about it. Days without it, are sometime needed so you can reboot and gain some more! Take these days, simply for relaxation and calm your mind :)

    And take care!!

    1. Thanks Corina, You're so sweet! honestly!! I think I'll soon be okay with inspiration! :) I've got an ASOS order on it's way! haha xox