Pinafore You

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Have you guys noticed the trend in wearing dungarees and pinafore dresses? I don't know why I'm liking these, but I am. I'm also really liking the monochrome trend, maybe because winter is creeping up here in Melbourne! 
I found a cute Pinafore dress on Boohoo AU and thought I'd show you how you could style it - weekday or weekend! (the ones from are really well priced!)
What do you think of the pinafore/dungarees trend? 


  1. That is a very cute dress :)

    I've seen some people wear dungarees really well - but they are just not for me. I still remember wearing them when I was younger!

    Away From Blue

  2. I have noticed this with pinafores, or just skater skirts and Tee's in general and I quite like it myself! Haha yeah like Mica I'm wondering if I could pull off the classic style dungarees! The ones that are a bit more styled to the right of your image have captured my interest! I reckon I could give those a try!

    The Hidden Thimble