Let the light in

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

 Dress: C/O Rummage Style  |  Shoes: Lipstik 

I don't want to write that I'm sorry for not posting for ages because apparently there is a blog out there that reposts blogs that start with 'sorry for not posting' but, I'm sorry for not posting!
I've been so busy lately with preparing for a job interview and mentally preparing myself for the Masters I'm studying this year!
I really hope I'll be able to post and continue blogging because it's something I love!

I got this vintage dress from Rummage style, isn't it the sweetest?! It makes you feel so summery! Best of all, you pick the vintage fabric from her site and the creative woman behind Rummage Style will sew it for you! AH-MAZING! 

So many people are attending the Fashion Weeks around the world and I feel like I'm missing out - so I've been living vicariously thorough some of the blogs on my blog roll!

I hope you're all well!
Lots of love!

Photography C/O Adrian Horsman


  1. Beautiful printed dress - perfect for summer!

    Good luck with your interview :)


  2. Olivia! Such a lovely dress!! It makes me sad that soon, summer will be ending and we wont be able to wear summer dresses anymore!! Are you guys affected by the bad weather in Melbourne too??

    Btw I just saw you added The Hidden Thimble to your blog roll! Thanks so much! We're still learning a lot about blogging, but we added you too!!


    1. Oh! Thanks so much! You're so sweet! I really do love The Hidden Thimble. :):) I'm proud of my cute blog roll! xx