SassiCapra Competition - WIN a Beach Backpack!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

CLICK! The image to enter the summer giveaway!

Hey Lovelies,
I thought I'd let you know of a cute giveaway SassiCapra are having!
Summer is fast approaching and when your friends are waiting outside, tooting the horn, making you hurry up when you're hurriedly packing things into your beach bag, you might miss your beach essentials like ipod or sunscreen!

Keep all your beach items in this bag during summer and never have to repack your bags again! Throw everything in so it's ready to go - sunnies, book and camera!

 Skip the pre-beach drama and enter this competition for a band spanking new, handmade and screen printed beach bag!

Entries close December 21st! Be quick! Love you all,

-Olivia. xx

 About SassiCapra

Australian designers, Anna Sassi and Bianca Capra, met in Milan seven years ago with aspirations of working on projects which incorporate their interests and values.

Their collaboration, SassiCapra, channels a unique and youthful edge that rejoices in the art of slow fashion and customised design.Their ethos is to balance the creation of practical clothing with an artisan and environmentally friendly approach, while supporting the local industry.

Their garments are constructed locally using traditional methods to create high quality, easy to wear items.  Fabrics have been screen printed by hand in their Melbourne studio, maintaining artisan techniques that enhance the irregularity and personality of each print.
Whether you prefer an aesthetic that is clean and simple or bright and eclectic, SassiCapra will enliven your fashion creation from head to toe.

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