Gangnam day out with Touch Korea Tour!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

(The young Psy)

Hey Lovelies, 

After leaving Paju, just north of Seoul the tour took us back to Gangnam. Our first stop was the Sand Factory and here we learnt the Gangnam style song and dance. It was really fun - first I had to stop being so shy. I then enjoyed myself heaps and our team won the challenge and got a cute prize! We then had lunch at a popular traditional Korean restaurant and then went shopping in Gangnam-gu. 

We visited the Samsung D'light shop and got to see the latest and greatest Samsung products, that was fun - playing games and trying neat stuff!

Then we went to a fusion Korean restaurant called MuiMui and finished the night off with bowling and cocktails! 

They'll be more posts so stay tuned!! 

Love you all.

-Olivia. xx

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