Provence Village, Paju

Monday, October 29, 2012

Hey Lovelies, 

Today on the Touch Korea Tour we visited a place called Provence Village in Paju. 
Paju is north of Seoul and is close to North Korea. As we were driving there, you could see the patrol stations built beside the river, it was a little confronting!

Although Paju is close to the border, the people here are really lovely and nice. It's a great place to visit and get some quirky photos taken.
I bought some cute gifts from here too, Provence Village is full of cute shops! :)

Later on that day, just up the road, is a place called Hyeri Village - this is where lots of artists come to live. There is HEAPS of museums there and fun things to do. It gets busy on the weekend, so come early if you need a parking spot!
More images to come! Stay tuned!

Love from South Korea!! 

-Olivia. xx

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