Monday, October 1, 2012

          T-shirt: Temt  |  Cardigan: Supre  |  Jeans: Wrangler  |  Boots: Rubi  |  Watch: Urban Outfitters 

Hey Lovelies, 
I've been pretty busy lately, it turned out that my car couldn't be fixed so I'm getting money to buy a new car. I've been looking at cars for days now, it's driving me mad. (See what I did there?)
So, that's why I've neglected Instagram and Blogger! 

Yesterday Adrian drove me to the Bend and Snap market and this is what I wore!
I hope you all have a fantastic week ahead and I hope the perfect car jumps out at me while I'm searching. If you have any helpful car ideas, leave a comment below. :)

Love you all!
-Olivia. xx

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