Memory Lane

Thursday, August 23, 2012

                 Blazer: Duchess  |  Shirt: Ebay  |  Jeans: Wrangler  |  Necklace: Aacute  |  Loafers: Kmart

Hey Lovelies, 
Lately the weather in Melbourne has been so amazing. Adrian and I took a trip down Memory Lane - it's literally a road called Memory Lane! At the end of Memory Lane there is this old house that's turned into a Museum. It wasn't open but we snooped around and got some snaps. 
I hope you're all feeling well and smiling!
Love you all!
-Olivia. xx


  1. Love the silver loafers (have been eyeing off a very similar pair) and the way you've styled them with nice soft tones to stop them looking OTT :-)

    1. Oh Thank you! I stopped wearing the loafers for a little bit but, they've crept up back into rotations! haha xx

  2. you are the most beautiful person Olivia, you look so fresh and gorgeous in these photos!

  3. Such a nice casual outfit! I like the metallic shoes and statement necklace to add a bit of excitement to it :)

  4. Love this outfit! It's the perfect combination of casual and classy!