DIY Pom Pom Flowers

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What you'll need:

- Sticks (about 30cm long) 
- Wool
- Cardboard
- Scissors

To make Pom Poms:

- On thick cardboard draw two small circles. 

- Cut the circles out with sharp scissors. (They don't need to look perfect).

- Cut smaller circles in the centre of the cardboard. (So you have them looking like doughnuts).

- Take the wool and cut a large string off. 

- Start wrapping the wool around both pieces of cardboard. (You can tie a knot to keep wool in place).

- Once you can't wrap the wool around anymore, get your scissors and start cutting the outside of the 
   woollen ball. 

- Try to wedge the scissors between the two pieces of cardboard when you get deep enough. 

- Once all cut, get some of the same coloured wool and tie a knot between the two pieces of cardboard. 

- Slide the cardboard off each side. 

-There you have it, a Pom Pom. (You can give your Pom Pom a hair cut if you feel the need!)

Below is a video for your Pom Pom viewing pleasure. 

Now, the easy part. Get your sticks and poke them through the Pom Poms and that's it! No glue, simple!

TIP! Spray them with some Lavender oil and have them smelling your house like real flowers! 

-Olivia. xx


  1. Replies
    1. I know, I love looking at them. They're on my desk! x

  2. This is so cute,they're like little cotton puffs! .x.