Monbizwe Bow Ties

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Monbizwe Bow Ties

Button front dress
$80 -

Jonathan Saunders waffle shirt
$635 -

Cheap Monday blue jeans
$90 -

$35 -

Mango leather shoes
£65 -

Zara bowling bag
$50 -

Straw hat
€23 -

St Tropez beauty product
$18 -

170 AUD -

Hello lovlies,
So, the summer is about to happen in the north and here in the south we're bracing ourselves for a chilly winter. Although, we are a little excited about the colder months! We love wearing layers, knits, boots and scarfs.
We're also a little jealous of the short shorts and skin kissed skin you'll all have in the north!
(I know I wished Autumn was here quicker during summer - I knew there would be a time I'd regret saying that!)
Alas! Having an amazing bow tie from Monbizwe is something you can accessorize with any season, north or south!
Have look at the amazingly cute site and don't forget to like them on facebook! :)

Hope you've all had a killer weekend!
-Olivia and Rebecca.
Fox and Mint.

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