D.I.Y Renovation

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hello Fox and Minters,
This weekend was renovation weekend! 
Rebecca from Fox and Mint has provided us this amazing and inspirational DIY project for you to try next weekend!
You can breathe fresh life into something old that's been sitting in your house OR this can give you the inspiration you need to finish an already started DIY!

What you need to get started:

1- Light Sandpaper
2- British Paints- Full Gloss White Water-based Enamel paint (1 litre)
3- Rolling foam brush
4- Earl's Multfill Gap filler (white)
5- Freedom Ceramic handels in blue 
6- Candle (to make the drawers slide freely)


1- Clean, remove the draws and handles from bedside table.

2- Fill gaps with Earl's Multfill (we used it for the handles)

3- Lightly sand bedside table and clean away the dust with a moist towel.

4- Paint! We did 2 coats and then touch-ups

5- Leave to dry overnight.

6- Once the drawers are fully dried, screw in your Ceramic handles into the drawers.

7- Rub an old candle along the edges of where the drawers will slide inside the beside table and on the
drawers themselves.

8- Fit the drawers into the body of the bedside table and move the drawers a couple times in and out to get the wax moving.
9- Decorate and enjoy!

Well, after all the hard work the drawers look amazing! I hope you now have the inspiration you need to get that project finished or started!
Now, stop reading and go get started!
-Fox and Mint. xx

                      BEFORE                                               &                                      AFTER