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Monday, April 23, 2012

Hello Fox and Minters

A few nights ago I helped my big sister with some of her Justynag orders. I didn't bring a jumper or cardigan because it was so warm during the day. The nights are getting cold though, so she let me take this one home with me. I fell in love with it on the drive home straight away. It's super cute! Justyna said she got it on sale at Topshop a while ago which is a shame because part of me wishes I could get my own little cardigan like this. I know I'll be keeping my eyes peeled.

The t-shirt I took from Rebecca's cupboard! It's soft and so comfy. (I think I borrow too much of my sisters clothes) 

I hope you like the outfit! xx


A huge thanks to my lovely boyfriend for taking these pictures. These are some silly pictures we took. I decided I'd runaway and scare him but, he could see me the whole time! 
I love you Adrian. 


  1. adore your style!you look always so elegant!

    1. Oh! Thanks so much. That's such a nice thing to say!