Wedding Bells

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My boyfriend and I. <3

I wore this amazing Justyna G dress to my boyfriends brothers wedding. I got so many compliments on the night about the dress. I was so happy to wear it because it was handmade with love from vintage fabrics.
I bought the shoes from e-bay, they were a bargain for only about $20.00.

Please check out the Justyna G range! Her moto is 'I love having a dress no other girl has'. I can definately say you wont be running into people with the same dress ever. In a Justyna G dress, I felt special, girly and carefree! You just have to take a look at her designs! She ships worldwide!

-Olivia. xx


  1. That dress looks adorable on you. Love the tie up back and platforms.


    Dark Blue Stripes

  2. lovely dress, its so girly.
    those wedges would of been perfect for hours of dancing I'm sure. can't believe they were $20.

  3. Thanks so much! The wedges are super comfy and easy to walk in.

  4. I love this dress especially the back side!

    How did you have your hairstyle?
    It does look your dress much prettier!


  5. Yu Rahn! I just put it to one side and pin it down the a bobby pin then some hair spray! :) Thanks so much Yu Rahn! :) I misses you! xxxx

  6. Both of you look sweet,. I love your dress,so cute.! =D

  7. The dress is absolutely adorable!! I love it!!

    Love your blog