Saturday, August 29, 2015

I know I'm not the first person to say this, but Kmart has got some pretty cool stuff! I wanted to draw your attention to it, if you haven't already noticed. 

Before I go on, I need to make some things clear: I really like Kmart, like really. I am guilty of walking aimlessly around a Kmart and looking at cool stuff, I thoroughly enjoy a good bargain and when in Kmart I constantly repeat the price in my head and can't believe it. Also, my first ever lay-by was in Kmart. haha

I got this acapulco replica lounge from Kmart and I love it; it was a bargain too. I've styled it with a large cushion and a scarf that doubles as a throw (I know, it's weird) from Seed Heritage. I think it's a really nice piece because it's not heavy, so I can move it around and it looks great. 

I also bought this awesome beaker candle. I was on the hunt for a beaker for a while and when I saw this one for $5 I couldn't resist! After I've used it as a candle, I'm thinking of using it in the bathroom to hold my make up brushes and things. 

Kmart have heaps more things, from awesome lamps, stools, chairs and more. Can you tell I'm a little bit obsessed?

Have you taken a trip down to Kmart lately? What did you find!?

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hair Care

I'm going to be honest - I haven't been to see a hairdresser in over 3 years. I've got nothing against seeing them; I've just wanted to grow my hair for THAT long. I've tried a number of products and watched endless Youtube videos of girls talking about their tips and tricks. I figured I'd share what I like using and what I've learnt along the way and maybe you could try them out!

I watched a Youtube video and the person was talking about the Roots product by Lush. This is a hair mask that stimulates the roots of the hair and should promote the growth of hair. I started using it as a skeptic, but I think it has some truth to it. What I learnt is that products with peppermint in them, even if it's peppermint oil, when applied to the scalp start tingling and stimulate the scalp. The tingling is bringing blood to the hair follicles, promoting growth. Sounds pretty legit to me! Roots is a hair mask you can buy at Lush, which smells like candy canes and is really nice! When I apply Roots, I tip my head down and start massaging the product in the roots of my hair. I only use it for my roots because I think it dries out my ends. If you don't want to try Roots, I think using peppermint oil might do a similar thing.

I was gifted some exciting products last year from Schwarzkopf and if I took a photo of the bottle now, you'd see how much I use this elixir. I've gone out and bought another one for the post, plus I'm nearly out! I think the elixir saved me from having some really bad hair days as well as treat my hair before bed or heading out to the beach! 

First of all, this stuff smells amazing! It also makes your hair feel great after you've used it. It's all-natural and doesn't leave a huge strain on our environment or wallets. The gals behind this great brand have worked hard to make sure that everything that goes into their products is safe for us and the earth - seriously amazing! 

I remember using this hot oil treatment when I was younger and I never gave it a second thought. It was only a few weeks ago that I tried it again and I loved it! Sometimes when my hair dries, it feels really brittle at the ends. After I used the treatment, the ends of my hair felt moisturised and soft. I definitely recommend this treatment because, it definitely repaired my hair. 

You are what you eat - well, kinda. There was a time last year that I was losing so much hair - I'm talking clumps and I had no idea why. It also felt like my hair hadn't grown for about 2 years and it was at the same bloody length. I went to the doctors and asked for a blood test because; I wanted to know what I was missing in my diet. The results came back and I was low in iron - which is pretty normal for me. I hate taking medicine or tablets so I opted to start eating better and having a better diet.
I've seen a huge improvement in my hair growth, not to mention the other health benefits of choosing better options. 

A helpful hint for nighttime: Braid your hair in a low, loose braid and secure it with a scrunchie or something gentle that won't snag your hair. 
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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Brooke Smart
My home just got cuter with this personalised couple portrait by Brooke Smart! I first saw Brooke's amazing artwork on Instagram and I couldn't go without. Her artwork is so beautiful, carefully created and perfect! Not to mention, it looks just like us!!

The whole process was a breeze too; we had to write something about one another and email a few images of us. We made a night of it and wrote each other's description, adding our favourite colours, flowers, music and animals into the mix so Brooke could get a genuine sense of who we are. 

Brooke was so easy to get into contact with and happy to answer any questions. Soon enough, our portrait arrived and we were thrilled with how amazing it looked. 

Brooke Smart
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