Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I read Olivia Lopez's blog Lust for Life a while back and she wrote a post about listening to sad music to just wallow and I honestly thought I was the only one. 

Most of these Fill the Silence playlists have sad songs. I get into my sad song spiral when I start listening to Daughter and then Bright Eyes. When Adrian comes home and Bright Eyes is playing, he'll see me sitting in the dark, maybe crying, or just listening. 

It's these quiet, reflective moments (that you might think are strange) when I come out feeling refreshed and re-energised (sometimes). 

I hope these songs do the same for you. 

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If you're like me, you don't wear jewellery. I went to a high school that only allowed me to wear one stud in each ear and that's pretty much it. My first job was at Mc. Donalds and we weren't allowed to wear any jewellery, so after a while I just never put my earrings back in. 

My ex-boyfriend bought me some jewellery once, a chunky bracelet, bless him for trying. (I feel bad writing this incase he's reading it or something!) But, the bracelet just wasn't me, it was too chunky for my wrist and I felt old wearing it - if that makes sense. Then I got hoop earrings - don't get me started! I looked in the mirror and felt like a gypsy lady! 

So, now you're probably wondering why the hell I'm writing a post about jewellery, right? 

It's pretty okay!? haha I've started looking at a few nice things to perhaps buy and I've come across a whole new world of lovely, delicate jewellery. The type that isn't too loud, doesn't distract from anything else and just looks elegant - just my thing. 

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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Like a Harte

I first met Ivana at a Reward Style Masterclass in Melbourne, around this time last year. She was super friendly and we chatted about our blogs. I've been following her on Instagram and reading her blog ever since. 
Ivana is a down to earth, vegan, fashion blogger who shares her personal style (that has an urban, resort/chic blend) as well as sharing her own adventures over on Like a Harte

Who takes the amazing photos on your blog?

My mum! She’s taken the photos from day one and it’s uber convenient being able to do posts last minute if I really need to, although I’m slowly recruiting my brother’s girlfriend to alternate with her and give her a little break haha. On occasion, I'll get my friend Cee Jay to take the photos as well because his photography always come out stunning - we usually go out to different locations and just make a day out of it!

What made you want to start your blog/When/Why did you start blogging?

I’ve always had some type of blog, but never took it seriously until I volunteered at MBFWA 2013 in Sydney. I came back to Melbourne so determined on the Friday night after a week of working front-of-house, watching a few shows and seeing my favourite bloggers run around - and started Like A Harte on the Sunday night. Even though it was just two years ago, blogging wasn’t as huge or as frequent to come across then, so I wanted to be doing something that not many people in my city were aware of/already doing. I love having it as a talking point because it’s a little different!

Where do you get most of your inspiration from?

Two blogs I absolutely admire are Shine By Three by Margaret Zhang (the fact that she’s my age, is juggling a million careers at once and takes editorial photos of herself with a self-timer baffles me to no end because they’re 100% campaign quality) and Gary Pepper Girl by Nicole Warne. Gary Pepper was the main inspiration for starting up my blog because her classic style and wonderland-like photography always drew me in.

Ultimately, I do find it hard using inspiration for posts because I don’t want to cage myself into being ‘just another blogger.’ I’m not saying I’m doing outrageously out-there things with it yet, but I know that what works for others will not always work for me, and vice versa. That being said, those two blogs are great for getting the drive to create more editorial content and to find a niche that sets you apart - something that I’m currently working on and will be unveiling in the next few months hopefully!

How do you manage life/blog/work/study?

This might sound weird, but it’s so much harder in Winter than Summer. Daylight savings is a nightmare when the clocks turn back and it gets dark at 5pm (when I get home from work at 6pm). That leaves just the weekend to get all my posts ready and sometimes that isn’t always possible, so it is hard. The most I’ve been ‘MIA’ for is about 2 weeks, but during that time I make sure to be posting on Instagram daily so that’s a good platform to easily keep updated and fresh while you’re working out blog posts and all that!
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Friday, October 23, 2015

I'm not really the kind of gal who goes to the spring racing carnival. Although, I've been once and had a great time! It's really fun to get ready and feel pretty; then drink champagne all day with your friends while hoping the weather stays nice. haha

I always feel like I forget about spring racing and it's too late to plan to go. So, I end up staying home and doing something else. Alas, I've remembered this year and thought I'd share this as an option to wear if you're planning to go to the races.

The dress is from Princess Polly and the shoes from Windsor Smith, you can find a similar beige pair that are a bit cheaper. When you look at this dress on the Princess Polly website, it's so pretty. It has an open back and it ties up too - it's stunning and a pretty reasonable price!

Spring Racing Style
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