Thursday, February 16, 2017



There's nothing better than getting home and putting on your PJs, right?
It's the first thing I do when I get home and I feel instantly relaxed. So why not try to channel that feeling all day?! 

I've been really loving PJ style clothes, like silk shirts and pants paired with some cute mules. But that shit can get expensive and if you're like me you like the expensive stuff. However, sometimes something comes along like this dress that ticks all the right boxes and doesn't make a hole in your hip pocket. 

I feel so relaxed in this dress. It's a perfect dress to head to your favourite rooftop bar in, watch the late summer sunset and cheers to a long week. 




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Sunday, January 22, 2017

I'm a repeat offender, I'm pretty sure everyone is. It's funnier to me because I've worn these Monki jeans on my blog in nearly every post since I got them - go figure!

I shot this look a while back, but it's pretty much something you can wear any old time. The jumper, jeansbirks and bag combo is usually my go-to when I can't be bothered thinking of a better combo.

I got this jumper from Love Stories maybe a year ago, it was a treat-yo-self purchase and I'm still in love with it. It's definitely worth getting those items that have been plaguing your mind or Pinterest boards. You'll end up loving them even more irl.

Jumper: Love Stories |  Jeans: Monki | Handbag: Oroton | Shoes: Birkenstock 

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

There's nothing like something handmade, whether it's from a market or you make it yourself. Today, pretty much everything is mass produced and receiving something that someone has spent a little time on speaks volumes. Plus, these tiny rose soaps literally take about 45 minutes to make. Winner!

What you'll need:
- 2 of your favourite body soaps
- Water
- Body moisturiser
- Loose rose tea
- Moulds
- Baking paper

Optional: Essential oils

1. Shave down/cut your soap into small pieces and put them into a saucepan with a little bit of water. Simmer and stir the soap until it starts looking like mouse/melted chocolate. Mine didn't all melt, but it still worked.

2. Wipe some body moisturiser inside the moulds so once the soap sets it's easy to pop out.

3.  Add the melted soap into your moulds and decorate with the rose tea (get creative). Put the moulds in the freezer for about 10 minutes so they set quicker.

4. Pop the soap out, you might need a knife to wedge it out. Then,wrap the soap in baking paper and tie up with string or wrapping paper.

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Saturday, August 20, 2016


I'm not gunna lie, I haven't posted in ages. Life gets cray sometimes and other things take priority, like family, friends and yourself. 

Since my last post, I've actually had a pretty hectic life and I'm not even kidding. I won't get into details, but most of the people who are close to me will know. 

I took these blog images a while back with Adrian, we had a really nice day off; walking down Brunswick Street, sipping coffee, buying wine and looking at envelopes for our wedding invites. 
Sometimes, you need those types of days off, days when you just take things as they come.

Tomorrow, I'm heading overseas to Europe. I'll be reuniting with Rgum in Copenhagen, after one year and a few months apart! It's a little surreal that I'm actually leaving. My suitcase is sitting at the foot of my bed, empty. I think I'm the worst packer. Actually, I don't think I'm the worst, maybe the laziest. I remember the day I was leaving to go live in Sweden for a year, I packed that morning. I guess it doesn't matter when you pack, as long as you have your essentials. 

The last load of washing is on, whirling in the background and I'm in my bed, dreading the 24 hours I'll be stuck in a seated position. 

Stay up to date with my travels through my insta!

See you soon Europa. 

Jumper: Jack London  |  Jeans: Monki  |  Shoes: Urban Outfitters 

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